Suspended prison sentence in former Kitiou-He fled amid tensions (VIDEO)

Tension outside the court

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The District Court of Larnaca today imposed a 12-month suspended prison sentence on the former Metropolitan of Kiti Chrysostomos, who was found guilty of indecently assaulting a woman in 1981, when she was 16 years and 8 months old.

Meanwhile, a crowd of people, mainly women, had gathered outside the court from early on. With the announcement of the decision, a group of women who were inside the room began to attack the condemned.

It is noted that at the previous hearing on June 26, Michalis Pikis, the defendant's defense attorney, pleaded for a mitigation of his sentence and, among other things, asked for the Court's leniency, citing as mitigating factors his white criminal record and his old age, since on 8 In June he completes his 85 years, even referring to relevant Jurisprudence.

He also said that due to the great age of the accused, there is no risk of committing another crime, while he also referred to extrajudicial punishment, since as he explained, punishment is expected to be imposed on the former Metropolitan of Kiti by the Holy Synod, which cannot rule out deposing him.

Also, Michalis Pikis mentioned as a mitigating factor the charity work of the accused, noting that he founded the Association for the Fight against Hunger, the Association for the Fight against Drugs of Larnaca and KENTHEA.

It is recalled that the now 58-year-old complainant testified before the Court that she had visited the Metropolitan following prompts from her environment to request help from a fund for orphans after she had lost her father. According to her testimony, the Metropolitan of Kiti had locked her in his office and assaulted her obscenely on a sofa.

In her decision, the President of the Provincial Court of Larnaca fully accepted the complainant's testimony, noting that she described "an experiential experience without other motives", while she described the attitude of the former Metropolitan of Kiti as "disappointing", noting that during the trial he was "far-sighted and ironic".

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