"The brainless are multiplying in schools - They are not extracurriculars"

"The brainless are multiplying in schools - They are not extracurriculars"

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The Acropolis High School in Nicosia was the target of vandalism for the umpteenth time.

SigmaLive has once again highlighted the damage suffered by the school. The attackers broke windows, spray painted on the walls and taped the doors of the rooms with rubber.

Mesimeri and Kati hosted the President of the Nicosia School Tax Office, Nikos Megalemos, who spoke about the additional measures that the school's management will take.

First he mentioned that the brainless are multiplying. "In August we had computers set on fire, in September we had erasers in school lockers and football slogans on the walls."

He added that the perpetrators had written insults about the school management.

Mr. Megalemos said that this is the third time that damage has been recorded at the school. “Besides the inconvenience to teachers and students, we have to have locksmiths every day to change the locks.

He also mentioned that the school is guarded every night. "The security is from 6 in the afternoon until 6 in the morning, but it seems that it is insufficient. We have also increased the number of guards hoping that the perpetrators will be arrested."

He emphasized that "I don't consider them extracurricular because they would be giving bad students a gift by having their classrooms locked and them missing their class."

He added that the student community is upset because it is the period when they will have exams and have an oral and written exam.

He noted that today they had a meeting at the school with the School Management, the Student Council, the Parents' Association and the District Director also came. "We will increase the guard and we have asked for more patrols from the Police."

Finally, he mentioned that the student community and student council has reacted. "The guilty must take responsibility."

Source: Sigmalive