They sell cheaper products in the occupied territories than in the Republic (VIDEO)

"We support the Cypriot consumer"

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Mesimeri and Kati hosted the Executive Secretary of the Hypermarkets Association, Andreas Hatziadamou, the Legal Advisor of the Pancypriot Consumers Association, Virginia Christou and the coordinator of the Competition Branch of the Consumer Protection Service of the Ministry of Commerce, Aliki Iordanos, who spoke about accuracy and problems created for the Cypriot consumer.

Mr. Hatziadamou initially mentioned that consumers are the backbone of the country's bad attitudes. He noted that supermarkets are going to great lengths to fight punctuality. "We support the Cypriot consumer". He went on to say that supermarkets have absorbed the increases. "In difficult times companies have a duty to support those who support them."

Speaking about the occupied territories, he mentioned that there are companies that supply supermarkets in the occupied territories with lower prices than what they charge the Cypriot supermarket owners. "There are small supermarkets that are at risk of being closed due to electricity prices. Grocer two months ago he had 2000 euros in electricity and today he has to pay 4000 euros".

He also said that there is inaction from everyone except the supermarkets. "We are asking for a change in the mindset of the rulers, individuals, and institutions." He noted that they denounced practices for unjustified product increases.

"A fuel law has been passed but there is no control." Speaking about halloumi, he said that its price will be increased by another 1.50 euros to satisfy any groups.

For her part, Virginia Christou, Legal Advisor of the Pancypriot Consumers' Association stated that consumers reached their limits. "A very small percentage of consumers exceed 1500 euros in income and can somewhat meet their obligations."

He noted that there are alternative options for the consumer to look for. "The consumer is the last wheel of the train and no one can criticize him for his choices." He added that they are proceeding with checks and informing consumers in relation to prices. "We are preparing proposals and will share them with the Ministry of Commerce."

He assured consumers that the consumer association is watching everything. "There is a tariff of 0.8 in the EAC and it is aimed at vulnerable groups for a 20% reduction in electricity."

The coordinator of the Competition Branch of the Consumer Protection Service of the Ministry of Commerce, Aliki Iordanou, said that their role is to ensure healthy competition and stop any possible profiteering. "There is competition and it shows in the wide variety of products and the different prices."

Mrs. Iordanou mentioned that the Ministry systematically controls the prices. "As long as fuel prices and the price of electricity are rising, the Ministry cannot intervene with ceiling prices. He pointed out that there was a reduction in the consumption tax on fuel.

Talking about the queues of vehicles at the roadblocks for refueling, he mentioned that they are concerned. "We check the prices that the companies sell so that they are justified by their import prices and costs."

He also said that producers have also absorbed increases. "The Ministry systematically controls the prices of basic products. If profiteering is detected then the Minister will intervene by setting prices".

Speaking about companies that are also active in the occupied territories with lower prices, he said that the Ministry does not have any complaint, but they will contact Mr. Hatziadamou to inform them. "There may be subsidized prices in the occupied territories. Turkey can supply them with lower prices."

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