How can you pay your electricity bill monthly?

What can you do about a bill you can't repay right away?

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Consumers have been faced with inflated electricity bills every two months for some time now, with many finding it particularly difficult to pay them.

However, a solution, which can help those who find it difficult to pay every two months, is the bill payment plan with monthly installments offered by EAC.

More specifically, this service provides that instead of paying your electricity bill every two months, you will pay it every month.

How to apply - The process

Speaking to the Brief, EAC's Spokesperson, Christina Papadopoulou, stated that, in order for someone to participate in the repayment plan, all he has to do is fill out a relevant application.

>>> HERE is the application<<

It is noted that applications can be submitted at EAC Customer Service Centers, by fax, electronically (via email) and by post.

"The consumer simply fills out the application and then the EAC will reply to tell him the installment of how much he is entitled to each month", write down.

Regarding the way the monthly amount is calculated, Ms. Papadopoulou explained how the consumption of the last 12 months is calculated and divided by 12.

"In the event that the price of the kilowatt hour or the consumption of the consumer changes a lot, this amount is reviewed periodically so that there is no large debit credit balance», he added.

Who can participate in the scheme – The exceptions

Important to note that the plan covers residential customers only while excluding customers who are included in the Net Metering scheme. 

Parallel, a necessary condition for inclusion in the plan is the payment of the last issued bill.

"So consumers who owe can't participate, they have to pay first," pointed out Ms. Papadopoulou.

When asked if the EAC makes it easier for people who owe money, the EAC Spokesperson replied that EAC helps those consumers who need it but there is also a portion of people who take advantage of the situation.

"We deal with each case differently, depending on the client's history», he stressed.

Design details

According to what is mentioned in EAC website, the plan works on a monthly basis, with each accounting year covering 12 months, starting from the date the account is included in the plan. It is emphasized that at the end of each accounting year, the plan is automatically renewed.

As for the monthly installment, it is determined automatically, after taking into account the history of electricity consumption in the property and the current fuel price, with minimum monthly installment to be €25.

As noted, the amount of the monthly installment may vary during the year, with the calculation of the consumption of the property being done every two months.

At the end of the accounting year, a comparison is made between the amount invoiced and the amount paid in installments, and the final payable or refundable amount is spread over the next 12 installments. 

It is emphasized that in the homes of consumers electricity bills continue to be sent every two months for updating, but those who choose a method of paying the monthly installments other than automatic debit of the bank account or through payroll, they will additionally receive a monthly "Notification of Installment Payment".

It is further pointed out that the installment amount is payable on the 6th-7th day of each month and in case 2 installments not paid,Account is removed from the drawing automatically, and the total amount due becomes immediately payable.

Payment methods

It is noted that monthly installments can be paid:

  • By automatic debit of the bank account (the creation of a new order for automatic debit is done only at the Customer Service Centers)
  • At the cash desks of the Customer Service Centers
  • At the Banks' counters (as long as the customer has the installment payment notice with him) By bank card through the AHK website or the banks' website
  • Through payroll (where possible)
  • By money transfer via e-banking
  • By telephone using a credit or debit card
  • Via the free EAC Mobile App