How the red moon effect is created [BINTEO]

A total lunar eclipse will be observed today

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As the Astrophysicist, Chrysanthos Fakas reported on the show "Protoselido", a total eclipse of Selina will be observed today.

We will not be lucky enough to see this phenomenon from Cyprus as it will be visible at 11:00 am. Cyprus time in countries where it is evening at that time such as in Asia, Australia and Japan.

The red moon as mentioned by the Astrophysicist is not a metaphorical description like the black or blue moon, it is literal and it happens because it goes behind the shadow of the earth when in reality it should be completely dark. However, this is not the case because the planet earth has a very strong atmosphere and manages to refract the radiation and transfer it back to the moon and we see it red.

When asked why the moon doesn't turn blue, he answered that if we were in Selini we would say that we have an age-related eclipse, because the earth would come in front of us. However now we have a lunar eclipse and the moon turns red. The earth's atmosphere has a property to absorb the blue radiations that is why the sky is blue and azure. Therefore, sunlight is made up of 7 colors and mainly blue and red colors, since the blue ones are filters by the sky for its own use, the red ones remain.

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