How much did the Greek Cypriots spend in occupied and Turkey in July

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More than a million movements of Greek Cypriots in the occupied territories for July, recording an increase compared to the corresponding period last year.

According to data available to SigmaLive from JCC, transactions with local cards in the occupied areas amounted to € 1,520,675 in July.

Local card transactions in Turkey amount to € 637,301. Respectively, the movements of Turkish cards in the free areas amounted to € 1,520,675. By July, a total of € 11,766,676 had been spent in the occupied territories, according to JCC.

Now, regarding the data of July 2018, an amount of € 1.182.522 was spent with Cypriot cards in the occupied territories and an amount of € 466.361 with Cypriot cards in Turkey.

Source: SigmaLive