How much did the prices of basic products increase in the last months (TABLES)

Detailed increases in basic materials in recent months

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The Consumer Protection Service has announced the completion of the investigation to collect data regarding the levels of average retail prices of Basic Consumer Goods, which were in effect on 14/9/2022.

This Observatory is held on a monthly basis and includes fixed products and pricing areas. Its purpose is to monitor the fluctuation of prices of basic consumer goods and to draw relevant conclusions.

The Consumer Protection Service clarifies that “the Price Observatories are prepared solely for the purpose of assistance/general information to consumers and do not in any way constitute advice. The Price Observatories are not intended and cannot replace the market research that each consumer must do based on their own preferences, data and needs, nor are they intended to indicate to consumers which points of sale they will choose.

It is particularly noted that some of the products included in the Observatory have quality differences that cannot be taken into account in the results of a Price Observatory. For this purpose, the Consumer Protection Service urges consumers to do substantial market research before proceeding with purchases, in order to find the products and prices that meet their requirements."

See the tables:

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