"How well do they know the killers and protect them?" (VIDEO)

"In front of me, they told me I was right and behind me they called me crazy. But there is also God"

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In Protoselidos, Andriana Nikolaou, mother of Thanasis Nikolaou, who was murdered on the Alassa bridge in Limassol, was hosted on Wednesday morning.

Mrs. Nikolaou once again wondered why the crime with her son as a victim is being covered up.

“I'm still trying to figure out if I can call this place my home. He wronged us and hurt us unimaginably (s.s. this place).

This country protects criminals. They invite us to go for meetings.. they try to trick us. They invoke jurisprudence that they modify themselves and make it convenient for them.

There are moral perpetrators and perpetrators. Two and a half years have passed since the exhumation. What do they have to gain from such an obsession? How well they know the murderers and protect them", said Ms. Nikolaou.

He went on to say that they were given witness material from the investigation by the Authorities. “According to their ridiculous conclusion… we found too many mistakes. I can only call their conclusion ridiculous.

Instead of looking for the perpetrators as they promised us, they turned the investigation into gossip against us. They were carrying out orders and cooperating with the Legal Service. They were taking instructions from those who covered up the crime for so many years."

"They are not doing their job properly. Not only the murderers are criminals, but also the officers of the particular camp.

We will do everything we can. I'm not going to let it go, I'm going to move on. My son is seeking justice from a state that wronged him. Those 18 years were taken away from our lives. We are not living life, we are in a hell. Something has to be done in this state. Not everything and everyone becomes dependent on a certain place. In front of me, they told me I was right and behind me they called me crazy. But there is also God", said Ms. Andriana Nikolaou.