When will the Easter allowance, YYY & child allowance be paid?

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epidomata allowance

The Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance announces that in view of the Easter holidays, the necessary arrangements have been made for the payment of all pensions and allowances for April 2021.

Specifically, the following will be available through remittances to the beneficiaries' bank accounts:

(a) Monthly allowances to beneficiaries on 23.4.2021,

(b) Annual allowances for all those who have applied for 2021 on 23.4.2021.


  • The monthly allowances provided by the Department of Social Inclusion of People with Disabilities to people with disabilities in 22.4.2021,
  • The Honorary Allowance for a Mother with Many Children for 2021 on 23.4.2021,
  • The Low Income Retirement Allowance (small check for low-income retirees) on 23.4.2021,
  • The Easter Gift for Beneficiaries of the Low Income (Low Retirees) Retirees Support Scheme on 23.4.2021,
  • The monthly special pensions and benefits to the beneficiaries of the Victims Relief Fund, including the Easter Allowance that concerns them, on 20.4.2021,
  • Sponsorship of Veterans and Widows of World War II Veterans on 23.4.2021.

Regarding social benefits for which checks are issued:

  • Public Aid checks for those receiving a monthly Public Aid will be sent to the beneficiaries on 19.4.2021 with a redemption date of 22.4.2021,
  • Public Aid checks for those receiving an emergency Public Aid will be sent to the beneficiaries on 16.4.2021 with a redemption date of 21.4.2021,
  • Checks for trapped people will be delivered to beneficiaries through the United Nations on 21.4.2021 (after consultation with the Humanitarian Affairs Service). For what will be paid by transfer directly to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries, will be available on 22.4.2021,
  • Checks for international protection applicants will be sent to beneficiaries on 22.4.2021, with a redemption date of 26.4.2021.

The payment of the pensions of the Social Insurance Fund and the Social Pension of April 2021 as well as the special increase of the Institutionalized Pension (Honorary Allowance), will be made on 23.4.2021.

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