Where do Cypriots choose to travel for Easter - Increased prices

There is increased interest in traveling abroad

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Interest in traveling abroad has increased, according to the honorary president of travel agents, Akis Kelepesii, who spoke at SIGMA and Mesimeri and something.

According to Mr. Kelepesii, the first destination that Cypriots choose for Easter is in Greece since Easter is the "Easter of the Greeks".

Nevertheless, Cypriots are also looking for other destinations to central Europe such as France, Austria, Italy and the Czech Republic. Equally increased demand has been observed in the cruises which start in April.

Regarding the travel packages, the honorary president of travel agents said that the prices are slightly higher this year compared to the previous year, as travel organizers have pre-purchased the seats from the end of 2022. However, these packages have quite attractive prices.

Akis Kelepesiis said that there is an increase in the prices of travel packages, due to an increase in fuel and increased demand.

Finally, he stated that "we are satisfied with the demand as we are slowly returning to pre-coronavirus conditions".

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