What are the causes of drug shortages in Cyprus (VIDEO)

Shortages in pharmaceutical preparations must be managed by the OAU

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The shortages in pharmaceutical preparations are called upon to be managed by the OAU as among them there are medicines for which there are no corresponding preparations available.

Speaking to Mesimeri and Kati, the Senior Officer of the OAU Gnosia Achniotou said that there are always medicines that for various reasons are in short supply.

"The issue of drugs is complicated, there are companies that, for example, for commercial reasons, are no longer interested because the drugs are too cheap and it is not profitable for them to produce them, or there is very little availability. Shortages are something that exists and will continue to exist," said Ms. Achniotou.

He added that it does not always concern specific products but can happen with any medicine. "But what is important is in medicines that there is no exchange. For many products there are options and there we are not worried.

Where there is a problem is when the drug is unique and the company has not informed us in time. Even if it is unique, if the company informs us in time, we will rely on the Ministry of Health and make urgent purchases from other sources until the product that the company brings to Cyprus is restored."