Optional sex education from this year in schools

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E-learning may not have finally entered schools since the beginning of the year and remains in the quiver of the Ministry of Education as a plan b in case it is needed, however it will be used in a different way. From this year, the Ministry introduces a training program on issues of social interest and individual improvement, which will be offered as an option to all students and will be in addition to the program schedule.

"With this program, e-learning will become part of everyday life and the school curriculum will be enriched," he told Alpha telugu the Minister of Education Prodromos Prodromou.

The agenda is expected to include the following:

  1. Safe Internet Use - Cyber ​​Security
    1. Digital training
    2. Distance learning program
  2. General digital training
  3. Health insurance - protection against Koronovirus
  4. Road Safety
  5. Addictive substances and habits
  6. Dealing with bullying
  7. High school studies and directions
  8. University and other post-secondary studies and vocational guidance
  9. Proper use of our language
  10. Environmental education - sustainable development - climate change
  11. Healthy diet
  12. Sex Education
  13. Financial literacy
  14. Innovation and entrepreneurship

The Program can be adapted to the needs and data of each school, as well as the different levels of education and, if necessary, specialized topics can be added. The preparations for the presentations of the issues will be made in collaboration with external bodies, such as the Police, the Addiction Treatment Authority, etc.

Thoughts are also being made to take advantage of the program to provide remedial courses to children diagnosed with a "risk of illiteracy" in the fourth grade. A special thematic group can also be proposed by the Educational Psychology Service.

In the initial planning of the Ministry, the program will be offered as an option during the afternoons or Saturday mornings.

Then the production of a similar program that will be addressed to parents / guardians can be considered.