Prodromou: "The school year started smoothly" - Encouraged students to be vaccinated for their own safety

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The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, Mr. Prodromos Prodromou, visited today the Acropolis High School on the occasion of the beginning of the school year for Secondary Education.

After the visit, in his statements to the journalists, Mr. Prodromou stated: “Today we started with the Secondary Education: the Gymnasiums, the Lyceums and the Technical Schools of the whole of Cyprus.

Schools welcome children. At this school but, based on our information, at other schools we have a smooth start to the school year.

It should be noted that many things are the same as in the previous school year, June. We are essentially continuing from June with the note that we must remain vigilant. The pandemic is here and everyone has to do what they know very well. Children are also given an information booklet on proper and safe schooling to reach their parents. We want the help of the parents in this effort as well ".

"In secondary schools," the Minister of Education added, "we operate with a health certificate (SafePass), as in June. The important change is that now the children are vaccinated and we should do everything we can to encourage the children to gradually get the opportunity to feel more safe with the vaccine, individually, for their own health, but also collectively. each for the health of his neighbors.

Afterwards, Mr. Prodromou thanked the teachers for the dedication, zeal and efficiency they have shown. "The fact that today the school year starts smoothly", said the Minister of Education, "is mainly due to the school administrations and the teachers" and added that in the discussions he has with the teachers what is pointed out is that we do not come to schools to we do health insurance exercise. "Health security," said the Minister of Education, "is necessary to do what is our main task: learning, the spiritual and mental cultivation of children. We must not forget this, because this is essentially the third year we are operating in a pandemic and we must not miss our main goal. "Fortunately, our schools in Cyprus can operate with a physical presence and we hope that we will give the children quality education", said the Minister of Education.