Prodromou: Many thoughts concern schools - Collective decisions (VIDEO)

What the Minister of Education said about the possibility of closing the schools earlier

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According to the Minister of Education, Prodromos Prodromou, the Government is ready to take collective decisions on measures against the coronavirus, since the measures that are already in force do not seem to have yielded the expected results.

Commenting on the possibility of closing schools earlier in the show Front Page, Mr. Prodromou said that there is a problem everywhere, not only in schools. "We have to react as a whole and this will be done by the Council of Ministers and the Government in a few hours, but that is a precondition. "The whole society must react."

He added that "in all cases the school population is 1/5. In the last five days in the schools, cases were recorded in teachers and students from 15-20 cases, while before we had more. "Yesterday afternoon, a discussion took place with the epidemiological team and today the decisions will be made".

"A large number of people do not seem to have been infected in the schools. As a rule, they are in activities where gatherings are observed without observing the measures. What we all need to ask ourselves is whether the measures are observed in restaurants. These days, when the opening hours are limited, in entertainment venues, photos from earlier parties are published on the internet. "We have to pay attention elsewhere," he explained.

Asked if the schools will be closed earlier, Mr. Prodromou said that the specific discussion at this time is ungrateful since decisions will be made in two hours. "There are too many thoughts about schools. There is deterioration in society and measures are needed. What young people need to understand is that they are not invulnerable. We are separated a few days before the Christmas holidays. We must follow the measures to be able to celebrate Christmas. "

Finally, Mr. Prodromou, when asked about the four-month exams, said that the evaluation is part of the teaching and we will operate according to the regulations.

"We have to get used to the rules. To say that we avoid evaluation is an evasion. We will operate but with mitigations due to the particularity of the year ".

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