Presidential: There were no shortage of illegal phones and sms – The Commissioner's report

The Commissioner for the Protection of Personal Data issued an announcement in relation to the 2023 Presidential Elections

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The Commissioner for Personal Data Protection, Irini Loïzidou Nicolaidou, issued an announcement regarding the 2023 Presidential Elections.

Such is the announcement

Following my last announcement dated 1 February 2023, I wish to inform the public that, during the elections of 5 February 2023, compliance checks were carried out in 90 polling stations throughout Cyprus.

From the checks it was established that the procedures/instructions that my Office had listed in the announcement dated February 1, 2023, regarding the prohibition of calling out the identity card number and personal data that the representatives of political combinations/parties/candidates are entitled to possess, inside the election centers.

Throughout the pre-election period, up to and including the time of writing this announcement, 25 complaints were submitted against staff and/or candidate supporters regarding the receipt of unsolicited promotional sms messages and/or phone calls.

At the same time, 14 questions were submitted, in relation to the processing of personal data in the context of the electoral process.

Complaints will be duly investigated and we will inform you about their outcome at a later date.