Progressive Teacher for Governors: "We are concerned that a portion of students have been excluded from the educational process."

"The Ministry of Education should and must find solutions immediately, so that these children are not marginalized."

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Installation of Progressive for the measures to deal with the Pandemic in our school units.

"For the past two years, from the beginning of the pandemic until today, the rulers have supported the Public Health system piecemeal, incompletely, without specific and comprehensive planning."

The public health system is acrobatic on a tightrope, public hospitals are collapsing and citizens are not receiving the protection they deserve. Instead, decisions are often made to implement pandemic measures, which have raised questions about both their effectiveness and how they are selected. Decrees are issued unilaterally, without informing and / or consulting civil society and the various stakeholders.

Thus, the rulers impose measures, without trying to convince civil society. The only thing they achieve, unfortunately, is to divide the world and cause strong rifts in all structures of life.

Even in the sensitive field of Education are unable to control the situation. They have consciously left our schools naked and completely alone / the teachers to administer decrees and circulars. Without having taken any measures that would ensure the safety and health of our schools, they preferred to leave the teachers alone to take the chestnuts out of the fire and to absorb the intense vibrations caused by the implementation of the new measures. Their choice to collapse and merge 65 departments in the elementary school last summer instead of maintaining 130 departments with a smaller number of students / three, is criminal, while their responsibilities for not installing ventilation systems in the classrooms are irrevocable.

As a movement, from the first moment we were in favor of vaccinations, even asking for vaccination priority for teachers. The state should and must protect teachers, who work daily in small classrooms with a high degree of synchronicity. At the same time, we are in favor of the right of every individual to choose and against any form of direct or indirect coercion. The government must launch an information campaign on vaccines in an organized manner, in order to persuade citizens to get vaccinated and not to constantly seek blackmail. At the same time, we consider the decisions to exclude minors from various places provocative and unacceptable, because they have not been vaccinated, even if they comply with all the health measures and controls required by the state.

We are particularly concerned about the fact that a portion of our students / three, even if small, have recently been excluded from the educational process. These are children whose parents do not consent to the implementation of specific measures taken for schools. The ban on children entering their school, without any alternative, the information and call of their parents to pick them up because they refuse to wear a mask, without a choice again, even the placement and isolation of children in waiting rooms are phenomena of exclusion of children from the educational process. The Ministry of Education should and must find the solutions immediately, so that these children are not marginalized and are not excluded from the whole educational process.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the rulers must stop pretending to control the situation. They must finally take control and protect Education. In this regard, children, teachers and society in general should be properly informed about the issues related to the pandemic, in order to develop a sense of individual and social responsibility (by utilizing the Educational Psychology Service and the Officers of the School Services). The physical presence of all children on school premises should be ensured, with the right to choose alternative ways of protection (eg saliva test) and at the same time they should be given a free mask. It must finally be acknowledged that the right measures were not taken in the summer to prepare schools to be ready to face the new wave of pandemic that seems to be emerging in more and more countries.

At the same time, schools must be given incentives and compensatory measures aimed at gradually returning to normalcy, once all protection measures have been complied with. Incentives should be provided for educational visits and excursions and for the participation of children in educational programs, both inside and outside the school. The class should be approached as a "family", with participation in school life, without major restrictions (laboratory courses, Physical Education, alternative programs, etc.). Finally, the protocols applied in the school premises should be reviewed, which are unchanged from the first months of the pandemic and include conflicting provisions (involvement of children in the POS and DRASE, attendance and departure to a number of schools by bus, number of students / three in small rooms and distances). At the same time, it must be borne in mind that children live in two different worlds, the one that applies to protocols in their extracurricular activities and the one that applies to schools.

In view of all the above, we demand a gradual return to normalcy within schools, when epidemiological data allow. The rulers must immediately clarify that the measures taken within the schools are temporary. It is not possible to improve the broader epidemiological picture and keep schools captive to strict protocols and ordinances. Do the rulers and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs really want to gain control of the situation? The teachers will be there, ahead, as in the past. We will not hide! We will fight together with all the children.