OKYpY assets to be sold

Green light from the Parliament's Health Committee

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The green light for the sale of useless unexploited materials from hospitals was given on Thursday to the State Health Services Organization (OKYPY), the Parliamentary Health Committee.

In his statements after the session, the President of the Health Committee of the Parliament, Efthymios Diplaros, said that today the Committee "has given the green light to all these useless, unexploited materials, which could not be used for the needs of the hospitals to OKYPY for their sale" through a procedure determined and based on the law.

"It is also true the fact unfortunately through the images we have seen, that precisely because all these materials take up enough space, halls, parking spaces, offices of the hospitals were used to store all these useless materials. So we have given the green light and we estimate that OKYpY will quickly proceed with the process with the main aim of exploiting all these spaces that were currently used as warehouses", he added.

He also mentioned that the second issue that concerned the Health Committee was the importation of parallel medicines.

"With this bill, the article-by-article debate of which will begin next Thursday and we estimate that it will be completed quickly, it will be possible to have in Cyprus innovative medicines, expensive medicines, medicines that did not exist until now and were not coming", he said .

He stated that at the same time the deficiencies observed will be covered, adding that the most important thing and the essence of the bill is that all these medicines that seemed impossible to come to Cyprus and be used by our patients either because they were expensive or because the quantities were negligible, they will now be able to be imported and used by patients.

The Member of Parliament of DIKO, Chrysanthos Savvidis, said in his statements that at today's meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Health I examined two serious issues, the request of OKYPY to proceed with the sale of assets and the other of the importation of parallel medicines.

He also mentioned that the hospitals, in addition to the problems of understaffing and other problems, have another unprecedented problem.

"All their spaces are full, whether they are called warehouses or called corridors, even the Nicosia General Hospital was forced to close a specific parking area of ​​the hospital to store broken chairs, broken beds, old computers and creating huge problems in the smooth operation of the hospitals ", he said.

"For this purpose, we have been presented today with images from the hospitals of Nicosia, Troodos, Larnaca which show that huge spaces, which could have been used by the hospitals, are unfortunately trapped due to these useless objects", he added.

Regarding the issue of drug imports, Mr. Savvidis said that unfortunately too many drugs do not reach Cyprus, because the importers do not bring them to Cyprus, as a result of which innovative drugs of value are not available on the market and with the bill that they have in front of them them will be able to solve this problem of the lack of innovative and modern medicines.

"There have been some concerns regarding these parallel imports, i.e. if they will also be included in the GeSY, if they will have a nomenclature, if they will have the same price, we will see them, and I hope we will find solutions to this chronic problem", he concluded .

Source: riknews.com.cy