To be regulated is the issue of renewing the licenses of taxi drivers who lost their licenses due to misdemeanors

"Change has put them out of business"

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It seems that the issue of professional taxi drivers who lost their license in the past due to criminal offenses is headed for regulation, as stated by MP Marinos Mousioutas, who proposed the ex officio discussion of the issue in the Legal Committee of the Parliament.

In his statements after the end of the session, Mr. Musiouttas explained that the amendment to the legislation made in 2019 resulted, due to the criteria that were introduced, in leaving a small number of taxi drivers out of the profession who had committed offenses in the past, such as beatings, use of cannabis, etc. and which might have happened 30 years ago.

And this, as he added, while all these years these people were entitled based on existing legislation to drive and practice the profession. "The change has put them out of business," said Mr. Musiouttas.

As he noted, the issue had also been discussed in the Transport Committee, which had requested the preparation of a list, not by name, with data on the number of people facing this problem, the offenses and the time they were committed.

"To our pleasant surprise today the Licensing Authority as well as the Ministry of Transport advocated the promotion of the issue after these data are first collected, gathered and processed, for the Commission to proceed with a proposal of law which in essence will give them the right again people to regain the professional taxi license they had," he said.

As he explained, it is understood that this will not apply to cases of serious criminal offenses such as murder or sexual offenses.

He also said that he has been authorized by the Jurisprudence Committee to collect the data in question and to coordinate with other Members of Parliament the preparation of a law proposal so as to restore a number of those affected.

"This is a step in the right direction because if someone at a young age committed an offense and was given a sentence which he served, and he was entitled to practice the profession for 10,20,30, 30, XNUMX years, he cannot after such a long period of time he is deprived of the right to practice his profession because he committed an offense XNUMX years ago", he said, adding that in the context of natural justice and the proportionality of punishments, this regulation should be removed.

In response to a question regarding how many people are affected, Mr. Musiouttas said that although he does not know the exact number, it is estimated that these people are around 15 to date and by the end of 2024 they will increase to 50-60 people, out of a total of 2.500 professional taxi drivers.

He also said that the Legal Service informed in the context of today's session that some of the affected parties have already appealed to the courts, insulting the constitutionality of the legislation and it is expected that there will soon be a relevant court decision on the whole matter.

Source: KYPE