Efforts to facilitate the process for "Airbnb"

What are the problems

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The problems that became apparent in the issuance and renewal of the licenses of hotels and tourist accommodation, but also in relation to the legislation on self-catering accommodation type Airbnb, were examined by the Trade Committee during its meeting about two weeks ago.

As AKEL MP Costas Costa told SigmaLive, during the meeting he had stated during the meeting that it is inconceivable for an agritourism accommodation to pay almost the same fee for issuing or renewing a license, with a five-star hotel.

He noted that in this matter, the General Accounting Office of the state is the one that insists on the specific fees.

Regarding the issue that arises with the registration in the register of the Ministry of Tourism of independent accommodation, type Airbnb, Mr. Costa noted that the platform on which they should register by February 2022, requires a building permit based on current data, which means that many of these accommodations will not be able to register.

The procedures, he stressed, should be simple and ensure that those who register will pay VAT and meet the safety and health criteria, in order to be licensed.

It is worth noting that the owners of this type of property, which has more than five rooms, can not participate as they were left out under the new legislation.

What he stressed, he said, to which the Deputy Minister of Tourism also agreed, is in the simplification of the process.

In the next period, a bill is expected to be submitted before the Trade Committee of the Parliament.

It is expected that it will become clear whether and how the process of registering independent accommodation in the register may change.

It is worth noting that the legislation was passed by the Plenary Session of the Parliament in January 2020.