Fines of € 16.000 were distributed by the Police in a 24 hour period

A total of 3.351 inspections were carried out throughout free Cyprus

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In complaints of 22 citizens and of three premises, to which they shared in total fines € 16.000, the Police carried out the controls for the implementation of the measures against the spread of the coronavirus.

As a representative of the Police communication branch stated to KYPE, during the last 24 hours that ended at 6:00 this morning, a total of 3.351 checks throughout free Cyprus.

In Nicosia 1.682 inspections were carried out and 3 premises and 6 citizens were reported, in Limassol 166 inspections were carried out with 5 citizens being reported, in Larnaca 537 inspections were carried out without any complaints, in Paphos 2 citizens were reported after 82 inspections and in A541 9 citizens were reported, while in the area of ​​Morfos 120 checks were carried out without any complaints.

Also, the Traffic Departments and the Port and Maritime Police carried out 185 and 38 checks respectively without any complaints.

According to the Police, the premises that were reported were all in Nicosia. It's about a bank branch, the person in charge of which did not carry out a check for possession of a safe pass, while a customer without a safe pass was found in the store, resulting in a fine of € 8.000. A fine of € 4.000 was imposed on a fruit stand in which no safe pass check was carried out, while an extrajudicial € 4.000 was imposed on a supermarket whose owner was found without a safe pass and no safe pass check was carried out.