A fine of 30,000 euros to a priest who was caught with 75 kilos of tobacco from the occupied territories

papas oneirokritis

The case of a priest who transported 75 kilos of tobacco from the occupied to the free areas and was arrested on the spot while unloading it in a warehouse in a village in the Nicosia District, was settled out of court.

According to the Customs Department, on Wednesday morning, officials of the Customs Department conducted a search in a warehouse in the District of Nicosia, locating the priest unloading the duty-free tobacco that had been illegally transported from the occupied areas.

The priest was arrested for the case while the tobacco had a customs duty of € 15.042 and was confiscated by the Customs Department.

However, then the case was settled out of court with the payment of a fine of € 29.400.

Upon payment of the above amount, the suspect was released while the tobacco was abandoned at the Customs Department.