€100 fine for tax returns after October 2nd

About 130.000 have filed a final tax return so far

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There are about two weeks left until the deadline for submitting a tax return for the year 2022. According to the data of the Tax Department, less than half of the taxpayers, compared to previous years, have so far submitted their final return, while at the same time it is reminded that declarations that will be submitted late, i.e. after October 2, will have an administrative fine.

In more detail, speaking to Trito, the first official of the Taxation Department, Irini Ioannou, said that on October 2 the deadline for submitting a tax return expires. Those who submit their declaration late, he said, will have an administrative fine of 100 euros. Employees, pensioners and self-employed persons with a gross total income exceeding 19.500 euros are obliged to submit a tax return. At this point, Mrs. Ioannou clarified that those who receive an income of less than 19,500 euros also have the right to submit an application, and in fact, if they submit it late, they will not be charged a fine.

Ms. Ioannou mentioned that the applications are submitted through Taxisnet and therefore taxpayers should have codes and tax registration numbers (TINs), which they must ensure they receive in time as it takes a few days for them to be issued.

So far, about 130.000 taxpayers have submitted their final tax return, while another 20.000 have processed it but not yet submitted it. This number translates to approximately 43% compared to previous years. Mrs. Ioannou reminded at this point that those who have obligations or debts for example to GeSY should also pay them by October 2.

In conclusion, Mrs. Ioannou stated that currently the Tax Department is in the process of clearing the 2019 declarations, while the goal is for them to reach 2021 by the end of the year. The intention, she stated, is that at some stage the declarations will be cleared in six months from their submission.