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What does Dr. Tsioutis for vaccines

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The Republic of Cyprus intends for a free vaccination against COVID19.

This intention has been expressed in recent weeks by other European countries, at a time when vaccine companies are announcing one after another daily encouraging results that are spreading incessant smiles of optimism to scientists and societies.

The intention concerns the entire population and coverage of all expenses by the Republic.

The "x-ray" of the situation that prevails in the vaccine race according to the Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Health Dr. Konstantinos Tsiotis:

"Recent encouraging scientific developments in the field of vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 virus, the pathogen responsible for the disease and the pandemic COVID19, give significant hope that in 2021 there will be more than one vaccine available," said Dr. Tsioutis.

"According to official reports from mid-term analyzes of the companies conducting the studies, 3 vaccines show a high rate of prevention of COVID19 disease after vaccination as well as a low rate of side effects in phase 3 clinical trials (vaccination given to tens of thousands of volunteers and volunteers receive a "virtual" vaccine) ", he continues.

Dr. Tsioutis emphasizes, however, that this positive development should be evaluated on the condition that the publication of detailed scientific data is pending.

"Despite the positive developments, and until all scientific questions are answered, optimism should remain modest, in view of several issues that will be taken into account in terms of processing and coverage," he added.

Issues to consider:

• The release schedule of any vaccines approved by official international bodies

• The availability of vaccines to the population, as it is not expected that the vaccines will be immediately available to the entire population

• Defining priority groups for vaccination

• The intention to vaccinate the public, ie the percentage of the population that is actually intended to be vaccinated when a vaccine is available

• Accounting and procedural issues, such as transportation, storage, designation of vaccination centers, efficacy and safety monitoring system

• The target of population vaccination, in particular in relation to the efficacy rate of each vaccine

"The mobilization and definition of action plans, both at international and national level, is highlighted, in order to cover the above to the greatest possible extent. However, the need for good organization, planning and proper communication between competent services and the public is realized ", he emphasizes.

"Until this is achieved and with the sole aim of protecting primarily the vulnerable and the whole community, the adaptation of daily life to the observance of individual and collective protection measures, remain the most effective weapons for limiting the transmission of SARS-CoV-2" , ends up.

Markets were also "vaccinated" in the aftermath of the announcements

The coronavirus vaccine is the key to restoring the global economy. The global economy expects an effective coronavirus vaccine with Pfizer announcing it shows the way markets want it. Economy Today records the impact of announcements from the pharmaceutical giants on the markets. The S&P 500 closed the all-time high last Friday mainly amid growing optimism about an effective Pfizer coronavirus vaccine, which could potentially lead to a global economic recovery.

Source: Sigmalive