Cyprus is the first to conduct a test in the European Union

"In the District of Limassol (approximately 60% of the cases of the last 14 days), it was decided that the positive incidents should be thoroughly tracked"

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Cyprus ranks first among the 27 countries of the European Union, with 25.899 tests per 100.000 inhabitants (period January 24 to February 7), according to recent data from the European Center for Infection Control and Prevention (ECDC).

In a statement, the Ministry of Health states that having strengthened the effort made since the beginning of the pandemic, for the timely detection of positive incidents in the community, it focuses its attention on examining both the general population, with an emphasis on employees and entrance gates.

Specifically, in the context of the strategy for gradual and careful lifting of restrictive measures and following the recommendations of the competent European Organizations, the competent Ministry states that Cyprus implements a program of control of employees, both before their reactivation and after a weekly control.

He added that through continuous monitoring of the epidemiological picture, which is achieved by conducting mass inspections, the goal is to reduce the likelihood of outbreaks in the community and in the workplace and timely intervention wherever the need may arise.

At the same time, he says, concerns are growing across Europe over new mutations in the virus that have been detected in most European Union countries, including Cyprus.

He goes on to say that the recommendations of the European Center for Infection Control and Prevention (ECDC) focus on intensifying controls by utilizing mass controls, strict surveillance at entry gates and tracking out case contacts.

"The goal, according to the ECDC, is the early detection of new mutations in the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which appear to cause a more aggressive transmission of the virus. "In conjunction with each state's restrictive strategy at national level, the ECDC proposes to tighten laboratory controls at gateways, as well as in-depth tracking of contact cases detected by tests in the community." Ministry of Health.

He also notes that in Cyprus, the central pillar of the pandemic management strategy has been the tracking of contact cases from the beginning, to add that a total of about 73.000 contact trackings were made, resulting in 17.408 cases, ie 54% of the total number of cases. cases.

Finally, he states that during this period, due to the burden observed in the District of Limassol (approximately 60% of the cases of the last 14 days), it was decided to track the positive incidents in depth, by investigating not only the primary but also the secondary ones. .