Partridge and Hare First Sunday – Everything you need to know

Partridge and Hare First Sunday - Everything you need to know

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The Forestry Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, due to the start of the hunting season next Sunday, November 5, 2023, makes a heartfelt appeal to hunters who will venture out into the countryside and forests, to be very careful and avoid lighting fires in non- permitted areas, the throwing of cigarette butts and lighted matches.

It is emphasized that the risk of causing and spreading fire, despite the fact that it is reduced due to rainfall, remains high.

It is recalled that in recent years fires have destroyed large areas both in forests and in the countryside which were an important habitat for game and fauna in general, with serious effects on the natural environment.

It is also emphasized that the dumping of garbage and empty cartridges constitutes serious environmental pollution and that this is also prohibited by the "Law on the Protection and Management of Wild Birds and Game". Therefore, hunters are requested not to litter and collect empty cartridges.

If you notice smoke or fire, in or near the forest, inform the nearest Forestry Station without any delay or call immediately 1407 (Forestry Department) or 112 (Fire Service) – free call.

SEE the map HERE.