Cypriots preferred the mountains for the Christmas holidays (VIDEO)

"The customer will pay around 50 euros and many options are offered"

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The mountain resorts were preferred by the Cypriots for their getaways during the holidays, according to the General Manager of PASYXE, Filokypros Rousounidis.

Speaking on the show Mesimeri kai Kati, Mr. Rousounidis said that, "there is mobility but not to a large extent due to the epidemiological developments in the country. "The new mutation maintains the climate of uncertainty and insecurity that exists among the citizens."

Many, however, seized the opportunity and took advantage of the subsidy offered for domestic tourism.

According to Mr. Rousounidis, their escapes are short-lived and mainly in the mountainous areas.

"The grants offer attractive prices since there is a ceiling of 70 euros. So an estate can not charge more than 70 euros per night with breakfast for a double room. The customer will pay around 50 euros and a lot of options are offered ", Mr. Rousounidis explained.