PD: There is currently no plan to tighten or relax the measures

There is no plan to tighten or relax the measures, said President Anastasiadis

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There are no plans to tighten or relax the measures, the President of the Republic said, referring to the meeting of the Council of Ministers on April 24 for Easter. Speaking after a visit to the headquarters of OAY, on the occasion of World Health Day, President Anastasiadis said that in addition to the heroes of the front line, there are those who contributed to build together the revolutionary reform with the introduction of GESS.

Thus, he added, he considered that he should be present today "to our partners, who contributed to the operation of a complete system in just two years, without meaning that there are no problems yet."

But, he continued, considering the short time, the doubts that the GESS had, the difficulties that existed, "I considered that I should be here to express the thanks of the state for what it managed to offer to the Cypriot people, which has been waiting for decades ".

Asked if the epidemiological picture raises concerns with the increase in cases and if any measures will be taken, the President of the Republic replied that for the epidemiological picture he had - symbolically, due to the Day - a meeting with the epidemiological team in the morning and expressed his gratitude and His thanks "because thanks to their own advice, expertise were also the policies that were designed so that we can successfully deal with the waves of the pandemic so far."

At present, he continued, "there are not so many concerns expressed by epidemiologists without this meaning that we will not monitor the epidemiological situation on a daily basis. Therefore, it will depend on the next few days, because what we are interested in is to see that there is at least one stability in terms of imports, so that the health system can stand. "

The President of the Republic noted that there is a need to protect lives but - he added - not to ignore the fatigue of citizens, as well as the need - the third element in a row, as he said - the economy to continue to operate. "So there is currently no plan to either tighten or relax."

Decisions have been taken, he said, and referred them to the Council of Ministers on the 24th of the month "to decide the measures to be taken. And depending on the epidemiological situation and the scientific recommendations, the decisions will be similar ".

Asked to comment on concerns about the AstraZeneca vaccine, President Anastasiadis said: "I understand that people are reasonably concerned, but the data so far say that those who may suffer some side effects are one in one million. "There is no medicine, one of the most innocent, that if one reads the instructions for the possible consequences one will not find that even painkillers etc. they have their side effects ". We will wait for the decisions of the European Medicines Agency and we will act accordingly, he concluded.