After the relaxation of the measures, the introduction of the "Cypriot Breakfast Dish", "Vegan Dish and Vegetarian Cypriot Breakfast"

The continuous upgrade of the rural tourism product is imperative, says PtB

paxna ariskloklis

The assessment that the environment, the holidays and the experiences related to the local community, require the continuous upgrade of the rural tourism product, thus strengthening the role of the Cyprus Agritourism Company (KEA), said the President of Annita Dimitriadou.

In her greeting at the 17th Annual General Assembly of KEA that took place on the evening of Monday, March 21, at the Conference Center in Lefkara, Mrs. Dimitriadou stated that "the Company is in its 26th year of operation this year and has a total of 115 members, of which 76 are owners of accommodation while 38 members are owners of related companies such as wineries, organic production laboratories and apiaries."

He added that "the change of the company's articles of association in 2020, allowed the integration of other related companies other than agritourism accommodation and is fully in line with the new data and trends that are formed to create a modern tourism product. The preferences of tourists, which include, among others, forms that focus on avoiding crowds, interest in the natural environment and experiences related to the local community, require the continuous upgrading of the rural tourism product, thus strengthening the role of the Cyprus Agritourism Company. »

He added that "the coronavirus pandemic, one of the greatest challenges that humanity has experienced, came to confirm the importance of implementing the actions of the Company, which are always in line with the goals of the National Tourism Strategy 2030. Despite the blow it received The tourism sector in 2021, compared to 2020, recorded an increase in arrivals and expenditure per visitor, which shows the effectiveness of measures taken to combat the virus.

According to Ms. Dimitriadou "members of the Company participated in the Domestic Tourism Support Plan of the Ministry of Tourism, while others also benefited from the Experiential Laboratories Grant Scheme, while the institution will continue in 2022, with the increase of laboratories from 800 to 3.000".

He also noted that "from the Grant Plan for local projects with a tourism aspect, of the Ministry of Tourism, 20 Communities benefited last year, to improve their infrastructure and their image, including Lania, Alona, Ineia, Statos Agios Fotios and Agios Theodoros of Larnaca province. In order to continue the implementation of such projects, the Ministry of Tourism has secured funding under the EU Recovery and Sustainability Mechanism, and will publish a call for proposals in 2022 ".

In her greeting, Mrs. Demitriadou referred to two other initiatives of the Ministry of State, namely the program "Colored Villages" and the institution of Christmas Villages. For the first, 15 villages have already shown interest and in 2022 the first villages will be awarded with a special label "Label" which will ensure that with their actions (eg through planting flowers and plants and landscaping of facades), they contributed to color creation. "As for the Christmas Villages, they operated with great success for the first time in 5 Troodos Communities, while the institution will operate in 2022 and is expected to expand to more villages."

The president of KEA referred to the innovative project "Heartland of Legends", which highlights the rich cultural heritage of our island and aims at the further tourism development of the countryside, mountainous and remote areas. It concerns the creation of a central circular route, as well as individual thematic routes, which either start or end on the main route ".

Referring to the Taste Cyprus Gastronomy Promotion Pact, Annita Demitriadou said that "in 2021, the increase of certified leisure centers, visitable local food production units and local food stores from 50 to 80 was achieved. The Company will proceed with targeted actions to promote the certified companies ", he said and characterized" the forthcoming introduction of the "Cypriot Breakfast Dish", the "Vegan Cypriot Breakfast Dish" and the "Vegetarian Cypriot Breakfast Dish" using local products. will support local production ".