PtB: Asks the Police to investigate the allegations of Perdiki for CYPRA

The Speaker of Parliament, through a letter he sent to the Police, requests an investigation of the complaints of George Perdikis about the owner of the CYPRA slaughterhouse

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A letter to the Police requesting the investigation of the complaints of George Perdikis for the owner of the slaughterhouse of CYPRA George Georgiou, will be sent within the day by the Speaker of Parliament Adamos Adamou.

Speaking at a press conference on the proceedings of the Parliament, Mr. Adamou was asked about the letter of MP George Perdikis, who asked for the investigation of criminal liability by the owner of the slaughterhouse for his refusal to attend last week before the Labor Committee of the Parliament. .

Mr. Perdikis's complaint reached the same yesterday, as he said, and today a letter will leave from the Presidency of the Parliament to the Cyprus Police, in order to look at the complaint and to examine if there are any illegalities and irregularities.

As Mr. Adamou explained, he will write a letter to which he will attach the letter he has received from George Perdikis with the specific complaints.

Source: KYPE