Record of electricity consumption in hot weather (VIDEO)

Mercury today climbed to 43 degrees Celsius

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Cyprus is going from record to record of electricity consumption due to the high temperatures recorded in the last week, according to Ant

The mercury today climbed to 43 degrees Celsius with the orange warning issued by the Meteorological Department being in force until 17:00 in the afternoon.

In his intervention on ANT1 show, "Mera Mesimeri", the Transmission System Manager of Cyprus, Vrachimis Koutsolokas, stated that since the beginning of the week Monday we have exceeded 1000 megawatts and as long as the high temperatures remain, the demand for electricity continues to rise.

At the same time, yesterday recorded the highest demand for electricity for this year as we reached 1100 megawatts.

"The highest electricity consumption is recorded at 14:30 -14: 45, however there is a significant contribution from photovoltaic production", noted Mr. Koutsolokas.

There is the possibility of conventional production of 1284 megawatts and photovoltaic production of 180 megawatts.

Source: Ant1