Critical meeting of the Minister of Health with Epidemiologists

On the table the next steps

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The Minister of Health, Konstantinos Ioannou, and the Scientific Advisory Group on the coronavirus will have a critical teleconference at 11:00 in the morning.

During the teleconference, the epidemiological situation is expected to be re-evaluated and it is not ruled out that decisions will be taken, in view of the XNUMXth of August.

The possibility of extending the special measures in force in Limassol and other cities is expected to be raised as a measure to prevent the spread of the virus.

Epidemiologists are expected to submit their suggestions but decisions will be taken at Government level.

The Ministry of Health is particularly concerned in view of the summer holidays but also for the XNUMXth of August.

In a statement issued yesterday, the ministry called on citizens, especially young people, to avoid public places, as reports from other European countries show that the virus is spreading at parties and similar social gatherings. in fact the control of the attendees is almost impossible.

At the same time, in view of the religious and other events scheduled for August XNUMX, the Ministry of Health reminds that based on the current Decrees, festivals, festivals and other events that promote mass uncontrolled gathering are prohibited.

Finally, the faithful are reminded to be especially careful during the church service and to follow the prescribed measures.

Yesterday, Monday, 10 cases were identified, while the positives show the fact that most of them were imported infections.

As Molecular Iologist Leontios Kostrikis stated in his statements to KYPE yesterday, the resurgence of cases is coming to an end, explaining that the new measures announced by the government ten days ago seem to have worked.

He also noted that the new measures should be continued until a vaccine is provided, adding that with the expiration of the special measures in Limassol, they should be shaped accordingly and concern the whole of Cyprus.

Source: Sigmalive