Out-of-court traffic complaints reached 503 on Easter

"Rain" traffic complaints during the Easter holidays

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The members of the Cypriot Traffic Police from Maundy Thursday until last Monday made 503 out-of-court complaints, of which 152 were for excessive speed, 50 for driving under the influence of alcohol, 30 for not having free hands while driving (using a mobile phone) , 20 for not using a seat belt, 6 for not using a protective helmet and 245 for other traffic offences.

As stated in a Police announcement, the Police's motorized and pedestrian patrols in busy streets and public places and in areas where there are shopping centers and shops, to prevent crimes against property, such as burglaries and thefts, were increased, without any serious problem.

Thank you leadership

Besides, according to a police announcement, the presence of the Police throughout the holiday period was intense in public places and on the road network for the safety of the public and the service of the citizens.

Police Chief Stelios Papatheodorou thanked all those who contributed to the work of the Police with their own actions, citizens, local authorities, agencies and organized groups. He also thanks the Mass Media "whose contribution was crucial for the timely and valid information of the public and on the one hand for the safety of the citizens, as well as all the members of the Police who worked non-stop during the campaign".

Finally, it is mentioned that the leadership of the Police "recognizes the enormous importance of the mission of its members, the difficulties and dangers they face every day. It stands by their side and proves it in practice, with the continuous upgrading of their equipment, ensuring to the maximum extent possible, the safety and protection of each individual member".