Zero VAT applies to these products from 01/11

Zero VAT applies to these products from 01/11

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The Department of Taxation informs that the Council of Ministers, at its session on September 13, 2023, approved the issuance of a Decree to amend the VAT Act.

Legislation, so that a zero VAT rate is imposed. on deliveries of certain essential items from 1 November 2023 to 30 April 2024.

Below is the relevant list

  • Bread: all types of bread fresh or frozen with or without leaven (eg white, black, wholemeal, multigrain, country, rye, cornbread, baguette, ciapatta, sliced ​​bread, loaves, pies). Pastries, dried goods and any bread with additional ingredients such as e.g. raisins, nuts, aromatics.
  • Milk: fresh milk (e.g. cow's, goat's, sheep's), sweetened, condensed, long-life, flavored milk (e.g. chocolate, banana), plant milk (e.g. almond, soy, rice).
  • Eggs
  • Baby food: in powder, dry or even liquid form, intended for consumption by children. Snacks (eg chips, nuts, candies, chocolates, ice creams) are not included.
  • Baby diapers
  • Products for feminine hygiene protection (tampons, sanitary pads and incontinence pads).
  • Adult diapers
  • Coffee: unroasted, roasted beans, ground, powdered, instant, flavored, caffeinated or decaffeinated in any package. (Does not include ready-made drinks or beverages that have coffee as a raw material, consumed cold or hot). 
  • Sugar: crystalline (white, brown, black), fine (dust), coarse, cubed, in sachets.

It is reminded that for items 1-7 above a zero VAT rate is already imposed. from 5/5/2023.