In a state of "emergency" recreation centers due to lack of staff

80% of the visitors of the leisure centers in the coastal cities during September

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According to the president of the Federation of Paphos Recreation Center Owners, Neophytos Thrasyvoulos, the attendance of leisure centers in the coastal cities is at 80%.

In his statements to KYPE, Mr. Thrasyvoulos said that after the end of the Cypriot holidays, the entrepreneurs of the leisure centers are hoping for a better September. After the 1st week of September he continued, things are better in the food industry and the attendance at the leisure centers reaches an average of 80%.

There is good traffic in the beach towns and people generally move around, he continued. A decrease in the current period is observed in the mountainous areas, however, over time the situation will change, he added.

Mr. Thrasyvoulos, referring to the problems faced by the food industry, said that the recreation centers are in a state of "emergency", because, as he explained, they have to deal with the issues of employment and workforce while there are huge shortages.

Unfortunately, he noted, in seasonal cities, resort owners are forced to hire full-time employees to keep them busy for only six months. These are big problems, he said, announcing that the All Cyprus Federation of Leisure Center Owners expects the issues that concern it to be resolved, otherwise "it will rebel", as he put it.

Referring to the accuracy of basic necessities, the president of the Federation of Recreation Center Owners, Neophytos Thrasyvoulos, said that the prices of recreation centers are moderate. However, with the increase in electricity and products, businesses are forced to raise prices, he said.

He finally expressed the hope that a solution would be found, noting that this year has been a difficult year with the operating costs of businesses, noting that with all these increases it is very difficult to keep the prices of leisure centers moderate.

Source: KYPE