The sacrifice of Grigoris Auxentiou in playmobil (VIDEO)

Created in playmobil the murder of Grigoris Auxentiou-"One of the most special exhibits was that of the Cypriot star of the exhibition"

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At the 5th exhibition of Hellas PlayMobil Customizers, the creation of the Cypriot Charalambos Pisias was presented, depicting the murder of Grigoris Auxentiou.

The creator himself in a post on social media wrote the following, "Where history meets your beliefs and ideals, where your imagination captures in a creation with small figures, where your mind and hands work with the aim of your soul, there you just.... "get lost" in a dream trip"

At the same time, the Playmobil Facebook page with a post referred to Mr. Pisia's creation, characterizing it as one of the most important exhibits of the exhibition.