In full operation over 50% of the recreation centers in the tourist areas

Increased traffic at the weekend

1 12

The reopening of leisure centers in tourist areas has exceeded 50% since last week, according to the president of the Pancyprian Federation of Leisure Center Owners Associations (OSIKA) Neophyto Thrasyvoulou.

In his statements to KYPE, Mr. Thrasyvoulou stated that the attendance on weekends is increased, while on weekdays it ranges between 30% and 50%.

In the leisure centers, however, he noticed in the Paphos District the traffic reaches 45% due to the English market, Limassol exceeds 50%, Larnaca 45%, while the traffic in the leisure centers of the Famagusta free area is around 30%.

Regarding the measures against Covid-19 Mr. Thrasyvoulou stated that they have asked the Minister of Health as a Federation, to lift all measures as in other countries, since the pandemic and the war have created major problems in the industry.

Asked about the workforce, the president of OSIKA, replied that efforts have been made and are being made by the Federation in cooperation with the Ukrainian embassy, ​​placing refugees in the work of leisure centers. It was reported, however, that there is a problem with the Ukrainians who were in Cyprus before the war that they can not work, while there is interest.

In a recent development, the president of OSIKA stated that with a joint letter sent by all employers' associations in the food industry, they immediately ask the Minister of Labor to proceed with the approval of employment by third countries. He also pointed out that in this matter "we are in the worst situation". At the same time, he expressed his optimism for the tourist season, since everyone is trying, as he said, collectively for the best this year.