Which products and services have prices reduced?

Reductions that benefit consumers

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There are not only increases in the prices of products and services but also some reductions from which consumers benefit, based on the data announced by the Statistical Service.

The processing of the data by the Consumers' Association also hides positive surprises, even for a few products and services, which instead of showing price increases, their prices start to decline at the end of October compared to the first month of 2022.

These are: telephone and fax services -2,06%, electrical appliances for personal care -2,41%, audio and video recording and recording equipment -2,83%, mobile telephony -3%, watches -4,77%, toasters and grills -5,02%, fruit -5,68%, fresh fruit -8,89%.

However, there are also products whose prices dropped significantly in one month (October compared to September).

These are: butter -2,13%, fruit -1,58%, potatoes -0,77%, tea -0,67%, fresh fruit -2,53%, other sustainable oils -2,82%, rice -3,37 %, pasta -3,72%, other types of fresh seafood -6,44%, other dairy products -1,68%, wine -0,39%, frozen vegetables -0,87%.

The prices also fell in one month: gasoline -2,61%, electricity -4,22%, audio recording and reproduction equipment -5,15%, non-electrical appliances -3,11%, accommodation services -7,52%, hotels, motels, inns - 7,52%, parking garage rental -1,62%, washers and dryers. dishwashers -1,82%, ironing equipment -2,18%, food processing equipment -2,23%, refrigerators, freezers and freezers -2,05%, ironing equipment -2,18%, food processing equipment -2,23, XNUMX%,

There are also the prices of products and services that remained stable in October compared to September and the rate of change was zero. The list includes: meats, tobacco products, cleaning. clothing repair and rental, electrician services, heating system maintenance services, painter services, water supply, sewerage services, apartment building maintenance charges, other solid fuels, lighting equipment, other furniture, furnishing fabrics and curtains, tablecloths, towels and bathroom linen, cutlery and silverware, domestic services by paid staff, other medical products, equipment devices, pregnancy tests and mechanical contraceptives, repair of therapeutic devices and equipment, medical services, special (specialized) practice, paramedical services, medical analysis and x-ray laboratory services, hospital services , bicycles, driving lessons, tests, licenses and technical inspections, road passenger transport, postal services, letter delivery services, fixed telephony, mobile telephony, telecommunication services package, leisure and cultural durables, musical instruments, games yarn and hobbies, garden supplies, museums, libraries, zoos, television station subscriptions, books, newspapers, package holidays, package holidays, interior, preschool and elementary education, secondary education, post-secondary non-tertiary education, men's and children's hair salons, childcare services, nursing homes for the elderly and disabled, home insurance, health insurance, transport insurance, bank and post office charges, bank and post office charges, administration fees.

Source: philenews