One in ten Greek Cypriots go to Turkey and the occupied territories for a dentist

One in ten Greek Cypriots flee to the occupied territories and to Turkey for dental care purposes

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One in ten Greek Cypriots flee to the occupied territories and to Turkey for dental care purposes. This was reported on Thursday during the session of the Health Committee of the Parliament, whose members met with the All Cyprus Dental Association.

As the President of the Pancypriot Dental Association, Antonis Antoniou, stated, data held by the Association show that a percentage of the order of 10% of the population resort to the occupied countries or Turkey, in order to get dental care with the sole criterion that the treatments are cheaper .

According to Antonis Antoniou, unfortunately, the low-quality materials used by the dentists there force many patients to appear in dental clinics in the free areas in an attempt to solve problems arising from their visits to the occupied territories or Turkey.

The members of the Health Committee expressed their strong concern, while calling on citizens to be particularly careful.

The Pancypriot Dental Association, through its President, opposes the attitude of a certain section of citizens who choose this practice.

He explains that dentists in the free zones follow European protocols and appeals to citizens to trust Greek Cypriot dentists.

"All dental practices in the free zones operate under European protocols. There are all the licenses, continuous lifelong learning, that all dentists attend and it will be a shame to have our fellow citizens go to the occupied territories - in our country or in Turkey - and not trust E/K dentists," he said Mr. Antoniou.

In his statements, regarding what was heard by the Pancypriot Dental Association, the President of the Health Committee, Efthymios Diplaros, said that Greek Cypriots who resort to dental procedures or examinations or operations in the occupied territories are unfortunately faced with low quality materials, which unfortunately at some point in the future they will cause a problem for the patient.

The MP of DIKO, Chrysanthos Savvidis, called on the people to be especially careful when doing such acts.

Source: KYPE