"Earthquake" from revelations about Pittatzii and Al Jazeera (VIDEO)

MOKAS left Pittatziis exposed according to Kostis Efstathiou - "Ignored his complaint" - He is not asking to be acquitted but for Pittatziis to be tried and vindicated - "The Qatar channel did its job and discredited Cyprus internationally"

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The subject of his video Al Jazeera and the degree to which accusations arise from the much-lauded video was analyzed today on Sigma's Front Page show with Andreas Dimitropoulos, the MP, criminologist and jurist Kostis Efstathiou.

Kostis Efstathiou mentioned that sometimes the power of the press or the executive power is such that it can destroy consciences and persons within an hour, as happened in the case with the defendants of the case. In my opinion "some victims had to be found in order to clear and wash away the stable of Augeas".

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As he said, by the time the video appeared, the tip of the iceberg had begun to appear in relation to the investment program with thousands of passports that did not meet the criteria. He characterized as unprecedented the fact that so many people are accused because the state did not do its job properly. Most infuriating, he continued, is that the people responsible for receiving and investigating complaints, namely the MOKAS, replied to Andreas Pittatzii after a year after reporting the fact of the alleged buyers and even accused him of reporting the incident, despite the fact that he himself was obliged to do so.

"Of the 13 hours of unedited material, we only saw 20 minutes"

According to Kostis Efstathiou, from the 13 hours of unedited material, the Al Jazeera chose to show only edited and surgically stitched twenty minutes in such a way as to create the corresponding impressions to the viewer. As he states in the 13-hour video that he himself watched, the lawyer Andreas Pittatzis he explains to undercover reporters that he cannot break the law or give them legal advice without applying the law. Instead, because the law was not implemented by the relevant agencies, he was found guilty. In fact, he emphasizes the fact that Andreas Pittatziis, as he mentioned, does not want to be acquitted but to be tried and vindicated.

He wondered, in fact, where those who hoarded and became multi-millionaires from this system were hiding. "No one is on trial and everyone was washed away with the AL Jazeera video", he said characteristically. On the other hand, the Qatar network itself, as he said, did its job after creating bad publicity against Cyprus by humiliating it internationally.

Watch the video with the intervention of MP Kostis Efstathiou:

Source: Daily.cy, with information from Sigma TV