Cyprus "broke" the barrier of one million vaccinations

"Breaks" the barrier of 1.000.000 vaccinations… Today is a significant day, says the Minister of Health

Minister of Health - State Exhibition Vaccination Center State Exhibition, Nicosia, Cyprus The Minister of Health Mr. Michalis Hadjipandella at the Vaccination Center at the State Exhibition (Center B '), on the occasion of the completion of one million vaccinations against COVID-19. // Health Minister - State Fair Vaccination Center State Fair, Lefkosia, Cyprus The Minister of Health, Mr Michalis Hadjipantela, at the State Fair Vaccination Center, on the occasion of the completion of one million vaccinations against COVID-19.

The Minister of Health, Mr. Michalis Hadjipandela, described today as significant in the effort made for vaccination of the population against COVID-19. On the occasion of the completion of 1 million vaccinations, Mr. Hadjipandela, accompanied by the General Director of the Ministry of Health Dr. Christina Giannakis and the Deputy Director of Nursing Services Mr. Evagoras Tampouris, visited the Vaccination Center of Kra.

The fact that we have exceeded 1 million vaccines is a sign that people trust the experts, the vaccination program and the Government, said Mr. Hadjipandela. "It sends the message that very soon we will exceed the target of 82% vaccinated," he said, adding that at the moment vaccinations with 1η dose have exceeded 74% and the percentage of fully vaccinated is over 66%. According to the increased flow that exists in the last few days, noted the Minister, it is expected that by the end of August we will reach 82% with 1η dose.

Asked what measures the Ministry of Health intends to take to promote the vaccination of health professionals, the Minister of Health first expressed his gratitude to the staff located in 1η line all this time, allowing hospitals "at this time to cope without any problems". Continuing, Mr. Hadjipandela referred to the record of hospitalizations in the Intensive Care Units and the common COVID wards, noting, however, that thanks to the help and work of health professionals, "our hospitals work without any problems".

"Doctors and nurses are like everyone else, they also have their peculiarities. We have daily communication with them and we believe that we will find solutions to this problem as well ", Mr. Hadjipandela explained, answering a question about the health professionals in the public and private hospitals that have not been vaccinated so far.

Asked if there are any thoughts for reviewing the groups that can conduct rapid tests at the expense of the State, to include other groups such as the soldiers, the Minister replied that the situation is closely monitored and continuously, and where needed to be given. solutions, the Ministry is taking action.

Asked if the Health System is able to meet the needs of all patients regardless of illness, the Minister of Health pointed out that with the help of the Director General 228 patients have been referred to the private sector and 27 patients have been transferred to Intensive Care Units.

Answering the same question, the Director General of the Ministry of Health said that every day a great effort is made to make it possible to transfer patients of other diseases to the private sector, so that public hospitals can treat patients with COVID-19.

Asked to comment on the completeness of the Intensive Care Units and asked to say what will happen if the maximum number of beds in the ICU is exceeded, Dr. Giannaki said: "We will talk again with OKYPY to see what other plan he has to open beds . The Ministry of Health helps the hospitals a lot, to the highest degree. As for the issues of the beds, we will again consult with them to tell us what other help they want, so that we can help them ". According to the Director General of the Ministry of Health, there is no one button that solves the problems immediately, but a titanic effort is made so that everyone can work together, open beds and have availability in the private sector. "There are many parameters we are working on in order to be able to cope. All these unvaccinated patients should also understand that they should help themselves, those around them and society in general. We have people 45-50 years old intubated. They need to understand that they too can help. "The efforts that are being made are huge and we are trying to help and find beds - because the beds are not inexhaustible," he said.

Referring to the Minister's visit today to the Vaccination Center of the State Exhibition, Ms. Giannaki said that the vaccinations of children aged 12-15 have started and so far more than 330 vaccinations have been given and thanked the competent officials of the Ministry of Health and private volunteers. help at Vaccination Centers. Next Friday, he added, the vaccination will start in the free attendance centers for the people who are not beneficiaries or registered in the GESS.

Regarding the start of vaccination of people outside GESS and through walk-in centers, the Minister of Health explained that the goal is to enable people outside GESS to be vaccinated as part of society.

Asked to say what Cyprus intends to do on the issue of granting 3th As countries now in the EU announce that they will proceed with the booster dose, Mr. Hadjipandella referred to today's meeting with the Deputy Minister of Innovation, during which the issue was discussed. "We want to be ready when we get the green light from the European Union. "Once we are a member of the EU, we must abide by EU rules. When the EU gives us the green light, then we are ready," said Hadjipandelas.

Finally, when asked if the Government is ready to take emergency measures if the number of hospitalizations in the Intensive Care Units reaches the maximum available number, the Minister of Health reiterated that "the situation is assessed daily and we take whatever measures we need to take. "Depending on the problems, we find solutions."