Today the first payment of the pension within a month to those who have reached the age of 65

The government's goal, noted the Minister of Labor, is to pay all benefits to the beneficiaries on time

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The first pension is paid today to beneficiaries who submitted their application a month ago and reached the age of sixty-five.

This was reported by the Minister of Labor, Yiannis Panagiotou, in the "Morning Itinerary", calling today an important day, which puts an end to the suffering of pensioners.

The government's goal, noted Mr. Panagiotou, is to pay all benefits to the beneficiaries on time.

The Minister of Labor also referred to the delay observed due to the outdated Social Insurance system and expressed optimism that by the end of December, all pensioners will be able to receive their pension within a month of submitting their application.

Source: RIK Radio