Staged armed robbery – Parachute flares seized

This is how they staged the robbery taken from a movie in Limassol – What they found in the 53-year-old's house

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The Limassol Police Department is investigating a case of alleged robbery, conspiracy to commit a felony, theft and possession of explosives, offenses committed on March 27 in Limassol.

According to the data under consideration, around noon yesterday, a 54-year-old man reported by phone to the Police that while he was driving a car owned by the company where he works, on the Limassol-Nicosia highway, at the height of the Chapel, he was stopped by another car, which an unknown man was driving.

According to the 54-year-old, the unknown man, who had his face covered with a surgical mask, got out of his car and after breaking the window of his vehicle, at gunpoint he managed to steal an amount of 30 thousand euros, which it concerned property of the company in which he works.

During the examinations, when questioned, the 54-year-old stated that his complaint was false and that together with another person, a 53-year-old man, they staged the robbery, with the aim of stealing the above amount of money.

In a search of the 53-year-old's home, eight parachute flares, for which he did not have a possession permit, were located and confiscated.

Court warrants were issued against the above two persons and they were arrested to facilitate investigations.

TAE Limassol continues the examinations.