Sex education in schools from September

It will cover all grades from pre-primary education up to the 3rd Lyceum

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From next September, sexual education will be institutionalized and comprehensively introduced, which covers all levels, from pre-primary education up to the 3rd Lyceum. The proposal for sex education in schools was submitted today by the Ministry of Education to the Council of Ministers, which in turn approved it.

In his statements to the Ministry of Education after the conclusion of the Ministerial session, the competent Minister Prodromos Prodromou said that the Ministerial Council approved a proposal of the Ministry by which sexual education is systematized, institutionalized and completed in all schools.

Mr. Prodromou said that sex education already existed in schools. However, he continued, taking into account the recent passing of a Law by the Parliament, the Ministry institutionalized the teaching that is done on sexual education and generalized it to all levels and in all classes.

He said that this will be ensured through the operation of skills workshops in pre-primary, elementary education as well as in the classes of the Gymnasium and the first Lyceum. In the remaining classes of the Lyceum and Technical Education, it is proposed to run seminars on sex education.

With this proposal, he noted, it is ensured that time will be provided for sexual education in all classes and at all levels. In particular, he explained, through the operation of the skills workshops specific time will be provided for each class. In pre-primary education, 8 to 12 periods will be provided out of the total of 24 workshops, and in primary education from 6 to 10 periods out of 24.

Mr. Prodromou said that the workshops and seminars will be conducted on the basis of the analytical programs of the pedagogical supervision material that exists and which will be supplemented, after consultations that will also be made with the Ministry of Health. He added that time is given until the end of the first quarter, for the Ministry's departments, in collaboration with the Pedagogical Institute, to develop the material that will be used.

Afterwards, the corresponding supplementary training of the teachers will be carried out so that with the new school year 2023-2024 we have the generalized teaching of sexual education, as provided by the Law.

The Minister noted that the necessary time with the operation of the skills workshops is ensured for pre-primary and elementary education, in the High School will depend on the approval in the Parliament of the proposal to abolish the stagnation. Also, he said, for the first Lyceum, arrangements have been made without affecting the timetable and for the rest of the Lyceum classes and Technical Education, consultations should be held within the statutory committee for the timetable to ensure the necessary time. He clarified that, in the proposal approved by the Cabinet, the Directorates of the Ministry have preliminarily identified three alternative solutions that can be discussed.

Mr. Prodromou said that in relation to the necessary credits, i.e. for the fund that must be secured for the employment of additional teachers and any other material, the Minister of Education in collaboration with the Minister of Finance will present a proposal in the supplementary budget of 2023 so that to make it possible in September 2023 to implement the Law that was passed.

Source: KYPE