Physiotherapists are on strike

Physiotherapists will go on strike today

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Physiotherapists, members of the Cypriot Association of Physiotherapists, will go on strike today between the hours of 0900-1100, according to their President, Irini Zannettou.

The aim of the physiotherapists, he said, is not to make the patients suffer, but to ensure the agreements with the OAU and the sustainability of their services.

He noted that "physiotherapists cannot continue to fund through cuts and cuts the increased needs of patients", and called on their patients and the public to stand by their side and support them to end the gross injustice being done to them .

He emphasized that the physiotherapists are not asking for an increase in our fee, but to restore it to the originally agreed amounts, adding that the physiotherapists' fee has been reduced by 15% for a year, due to an increase in benefits offered by OAU to groups of patients (by 30%) , without any measure to protect their pay.

1400 physiotherapists are registered in the Association, of which 850 are members of the National Health Service.