They "set up" the unvaccinated teachers on the wall - Only with safepass in schools

Education on a tightrope - Writes Michalis Antoniou

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Reportage: Michalis Antoniou

The education system is on a tightrope following the decision taken by the Ministry of Health, as students provide safepass upon entering schools.

This incident provoked a storm of reactions from several parents, who stubbornly refuse to send their children to school after this decision, talking about a highly fascist decision. It is worth noting that the epidemiological team gave the "green" light for the use of the mask even to children attending primary schools.

They "set up" the unvaccinated teachers on the wall

At the same time that the education system is literally hanging by a thread, and is heading towards collapse, the Minister of Education, Prodromos Prodromou, stated that for the vaccinated teachers it will be valid that for the rest of the employees, that is, they must provide safe pass their entry into the school.

As far as we know, so far the decision has already been made and will not be revoked for the time being, as the epidemiological picture of Cyprus continues to be in the red and the hospitals are suffocatingly full.