In the highest places in Europe in the use of electronic cigarettes and hookahs are Cypriot students

Where can someone go to stop smoking in Cyprus?

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Cypriot students are in the highest positions in Europe in the use of electronic cigarettes and hookahs, says PASYKAF in a statement on the occasion of the World Anti-Tobacco Day.

4,6% of students reported daily use, exceeding the average of other European countries (3,1%) that participated in the pan-European ESPAD survey.

According to the pan-European ESPAD Survey (2019) conducted among students aged 15-16 years, 14% of respondents reported using conventional cigarettes in the last month, with this percentage on a downward trend compared to previous years (18% in 2015 and 23% in 2011).

PASYKAF, continuing its systematic action to deal with the addiction caused by smoking, joins the policy of the World Health Organization (WHO), appealing to all those who formulate tobacco control policy in Cyprus to take action now.

The message of this year's campaign of the World Health Organization (WHO), on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, is "Protecting children from the interventions of the tobacco industry". The aim is to raise awareness among young people about the harmful effects of tobacco products, as the tobacco industry increasingly targets young people as an emerging and vulnerable market for its addictive products.

Where can someone go to stop smoking in Cyprus?

The smoking cessation program of the Mental Health Services/OKYpY aims to inform, prevent and stop smoking in Cyprus. The programs are implemented throughout Cyprus, by specialized staff, free of charge and offer counseling support (through individual, group weekly meetings) and pharmaceutical interventions (through the use of nicotine patches).

Any citizen, who is interested in being informed or to stop smoking, can contact us through the free telephone line 1431 (Monday-Thursday, 7:30-15:00).

According to the Cypriot statistics, 2023 people (468 men and 309 women) were served by the Program in 159, with 252 of them successfully completing and stopping smoking.

World No Tobacco Day was established in 1987 for May 31 each year by the initiative of the World Health Organization, to increase the world's awareness of the dangers of tobacco and the preventable diseases it creates.

To address the tobacco epidemic, WHO Member States adopted the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC) in 2003. Currently, 182 countries have ratified this treaty, including Cyprus in 2004.

Source: KYPE