At 70% the number of visitors to leisure centers - The increase in electricity prices is a blow

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The president of the Federation of Leisure Center Owners Associations (OSIKA) Fytos Thrasyvoulou described the movement of the public in the catering centers in all cities as uniform, around 70%, in the first fortnight of September.

In his statements to KYPE, Mr. Thrasyvoulou stated that in the first fortnight of September it seems that there is a stability in the movement in the recreation centers and uniform for the first time in all the provinces of Cyprus around 70%.
He called on the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Mr. Savvas Perdios, to continue his efforts to attract visitors from more countries and increase flights, but also the Minister of Labor to continue with new support plans during the winter, in order to win the seasonality bet and be placed Cyprus on the map of full-time work.

In relation to the last month of the summer, Mr. Thrasyvoulou characterized the levels of traffic as satisfactory, without, however, as he said, having reached the levels of the past.

Asked about the problems faced by those involved in the catering industry, he said that the increase in the price of electricity is a big blow to leisure centers because the highest operating costs of businesses come from electricity.

He also said that the recreation centers should enter a new level of charging by the Cyprus Electricity Authority and at the same time form such incentives so that photovoltaics and the ways in which companies are subsidized to switch to photovoltaics are more attractive on the part of the Minister. Trade and Industry.