Two people in court for arming a grave - What the authorities found

They found heavy weaponry in a grave

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Around 12 noon yesterday, after evaluating information, members of the Police Headquarters spotted two persons moving suspiciously and approaching a cemetery in the province of Larnaca with their vehicles.

One person was monitoring the area as if on duty, while the other person got out of his vehicle and entered the cemetery, approached a specific grave, where he received a large bag.

The suspect was stopped by members of the Police, where it was found that he is a 46-year-old man. A search of the bag revealed 10 boxes of pistol bullets, a number of cartridges, a pistol and a hunting rifle.

The second suspect, aged 35, was also arrested.

Then, in further investigations carried out by members of the Police, a military rifle, an anti-tank gun, two missiles, three missile launchers, a package of cartridges, an improvised explosive device, which contained high-powered explosives, were found in a specific grave. , quantity of high explosive, a pistol and two silencers.

Arrest warrants were issued against the two suspects, pursuant to which they were arrested and detained, while today they will appear before the Larnaca District Court, for the issuance of a detention order.

TAE Larnaca is investigating the case.