Five people in the hospital after a car accident

The driver tested positive for drugs

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The injury of five people is the result of a traffic collision that happened on Thursday night, in Geroskipou.

According to the Assistant Police Director of Paphos Operations, Michalis Nikolaou, yesterday Thursday around 21:30, a car driven by a 24-year-old man on the coastal road of Geroskipou heading west, under circumstances that are being investigated, deviated from its course to the right and found itself off the road.

In his attempt to get his vehicle back on the road, the driver completely lost control of the car, which ended up going off the road to the left and crashing into a parked vehicle.

The parked vehicle involved in the collision collided with a second parked vehicle, injuring four 19-year-old youths who were standing between the two parked cars.

Both the driver and the four young men were taken to the Accident and Emergency Department of the Paphos General Hospital. As determined by the doctor on duty, they did not suffer any serious injury, but they were kept in the hospital for precautionary reasons.

The driver was tested for alcohol with an indication of 16mg (the permitted limit is 22mg) while he was positive in a drug test. Investigations into the causes of the collision are being investigated by the Paphos Traffic Police.