Cyprus is on Lebanon's side to reciprocate aid for fires

Cyprus is on Lebanon's side and vice versa, the Ministers of Defence, Agriculture and Justice said today

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Cyprus is on Lebanon's side and vice versa, the Ministers of Defense, Agriculture and Justice said today at a ceremony in which the Republic's thanks were expressed to the neighboring country for sending aircraft that contributed to extinguishing the fires in the semi-mountainous Limassol.

The ceremony which took place on Thursday morning at the Search and Rescue Coordination Center (SRC) in Larnaca, was organized by the Ministry of Defense and was attended by the Ministers of Defence, Justice and Public Order and Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment.

In his statements, the Minister of Defense Michalis Giorgallas said that "through difficult times and operations, Cyprus' relations with its neighbors are getting stronger. This also happened with the case of the fire in Limassol and the response of the Government of Lebanon to help the Republic of Cyprus strengthened the relationship between our countries even more".

He added that "in the same way when Lebanon is needed, Cyprus will be on the side of Lebanon and its people".

The Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment Petros Xenophontos said that "certainly the presence of the friends from Lebanon was very important, because it strengthened the aviation means to fight the fire we had recently. We thank them and wish them a safe journey back to their country."

Source: KYPE